Real People at the Press


Susan J. Atkinson



Susan was born and raised in England, but now makes her home in Ottawa with her husband and four daughters.  After thirteen years working in the Toronto film industry, Susan decided it was time to turn her passion for reading and writing into everyday life by teaching in the Ottawa public school system.


As an elementary school teacher, Susan believes every day should bring a little rhythm, a little rhyme, and a whole lot of reading time!


Susan is an award-winning poet, writing for both children and adults. Her work has appeared in many Canadian and International journals, and her first made-for-TV movie, co-written with her filmmaker husband aired in 2014.


Kim Dalrymple

Art Teacher/Graphic/Web Designer

Kim’s never met an Apple computer she hasn’t liked. Starting out with Corel, Kim kept her finger on Ottawa’s tech pulse for years before indulging her inner artist and branching out into graphic design. An advocate of playful design, Kim often has trouble finding her desk under the array of toys scattered on top. She especially likes the mechanical bouncing spider that scares the cats. Kim is currently running a free art program in her community.


Kim has a patient partner and two grown-up children. She is delighted to be in the creative trenches with her little sister, Elizabeth Todd Doyle.


Elizabeth Todd Doyle

Writer & Illustrator

Transplanted from Canada’s west coast to Ottawa, Elizabeth regularly doodles on shopping lists, the back of phone bills, and on the margins of Very Important Documents such as her children’s report cards. When she is not doodling, she works as an independent arts consultant. She is currently junior chair of the Canadian Art Gallery Educator’s group. Elizabeth has just released her first novel DeadRoads.


Elizabeth’s work has appeared in comic books and textbooks both nationally and internationally. She has a thing for gremlins, witches, and surprised animals.


Even though they now work together, her sister Kim Dalrymple doesn’t boss her around too much.

Which Witch is Which?


Who are the witches?  And what are those little animals doing with them?



Wilhelmina is your typical witch – mischievous, curious…green.  She even has a black cat!

She’s an ordinary everyday witch, except for one little thing.  Wilhelmina wants to be a ballerina.  Watch for a new story about her soon!




Reduce, reuse, recycle – Roslyn is concerned for the environment.  She doesn’t always know how to fit into her human neighbourhood, but she tries hard.  Together with her faithful skunk, Roslyn is always looking for ways to help out.




Never let it be said that Pansy Witch doesn’t know how to put together an outfit!  While some witches mix stripes with polka dots, Pansy has a fine sense of the good things in life.

She’s always making the world a prettier place, no matter how outraged her cautious goldfish feels about it!




A small green cooking machine, Sandi Witch sometimes seems grumpy, but she just takes her food seriously.  Like many witches, Sandi doesn’t quite know the ins and outs of humans around her, something that her two rat friends find quite amusing.  Sandi’s great friend is Wilhelmina, who balances Sandi’s grimness with a joie de vivre.



Ruby & Bella

Twin witches – they must get along famously, right?  Not always!  Ruby and Bella both like sports, the outdoors, and games.  But they don’t always see eye-to-eye on the rules.  Ruby and her little bat are shy, but only compared to Bella the fireball.  And watch out for Bella’s bee!

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